It was a beautiful day at the museum.

Well, in reality, it was a little too beautiful for day in June for many people besides us to visit the museum. It was 75 degrees and sunny in Pittsburgh when we visited the Carnegie Museum Natural History and The Carnegie Museum of Art, and it was after a week or more of monsoon rain to boot.

Since museum attendance was down, it allowed us to really have long, in-depth, and personal conversations with those who visited the house about our mission, tiny-house-living, conservation, and sustainability. One of the best conversations was with the director of the Natural History Museum, Eric J. Dorfman, PhD. Not only was he interested in our project, but he was an all around nice guy.

In addition to the open house, Steph and I had a chance to carve out an hour to walk through the museums. This was no where near enough time. We could have spent days between the two museums, but we accomplished our goal of seeing both priceless art AND priceless dinosaur fossils – within 10 minutes. Where else can you do that?