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About Tim Davison

Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and filmmaker. In addition to working with zoos and wildlife rescues, he’s crisscrossed the United States accompanied by wild-animal ambassadors and spoke to over a million people while giving conservation-based programs. He is also the co-founder and tour host of the Creative Animal Tour.

Tour Event @ LA Zoo

A huge thanks to the LA Zoo for hosting us! Tim and Steph were able to catch up with not one, but two friends from the Honolulu Zoo! A trip to the zoo can be a fun day for families, but for Tim and Steph today it was strange. This [...]

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Tour Event @ UCLA

Nestled into a beautiful hillside in Hollywood is UCLA. As you could imagine, it was a little unnerving to pull the tiny home through Los Angeles in early morning traffic. Especially when it rains in a city that only sees water fall from the sky a few times a year.  But once we rolled onto [...]

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Tour Event @ University of San Diego

We can't say thanks enough to the University of San Diego for hosting our one-of-a-kind program! We had a blast on this beautiful campus. At first glance, most people see that the University's buildings are well-designed and the landscaping is well-manicured, but what you don't see is how it's becoming more sustainable every year. You [...]

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Bamboo-mazing or Bamboozled? The Up & Down Sides of Bamboo Flooring

The choice to use bamboo seemed like a no-brainer at first. They look great, they're super durable (often rated one of the most dog-friendly flooring options), they're cost effective, and they're eco-friendly... or are they? Ray, making herself right at home on our bamboo floors. A Bit of Background Info: [...]

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