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About Tim Davison

Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and filmmaker. In addition to working with zoos and wildlife rescues, he’s crisscrossed the United States accompanied by wild-animal ambassadors and spoke to over a million people while giving conservation-based programs. He is also the co-founder and tour host of the Creative Animal Tour.

An Unexpected Addition to the Tour

Introducing the newest member of the Creative Animal Tour Troop, Ray. She is a 10~12 week old mix breed puppy we rescued last week in Fort Worth, Texas, outside of Ray's Champion Spring & Motor Service. A long story long: We took the tiny house to a shop to get [...]

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Tour Event @ Mutual of Omaha Bank: Phoenix

This last week we stopped by the offices of Mutual of Omaha Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. They asked us to show off our Tiny House on Wheels to their staff, but little did we know that they are in a LEED Certified building. If you're unfamiliar, that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, [...]

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25 Tips For a More Sustainable Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays! It's 2017 folks, let's get get our scat together and celebrate more sustainably. We compiled a list of 25 things you can do this holiday season to do just that. We can all do our part to help out, and all those little things add up fast. These 25 little [...]

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Can Chickens Help You Live More Sustainably?

Did you know that keeping some of these in your back yard can help you and your family live a little bit more sustainably? Yep! It's true. And they have way more to offer than most people think. We recently spoke to our new bird-loving friends over at Window to the Wild According to co-founder, [...]

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