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About Tim Davison

Timothy Davison is a wildlife artist, educator, and filmmaker. In addition to working with zoos and wildlife rescues, he’s crisscrossed the United States accompanied by wild-animal ambassadors and spoke to over a million people while giving conservation-based programs. He is also the co-founder and tour host of the Creative Animal Tour.

Discovering the Resilience of Nature at the Trinity River Audubon Center

While spending a few days staying at the Trinity River Audubon Center in Dallas, Texas, we had the great opportunity to get to know the staff, the landscape, and the birds. All of which are awesome. Along the way, we learned two stories about how nature can make a comeback if we give it [...]

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National Tiny House Jamboree in Texas!

This is the first event that the Creative Animal Tour has officially been to TWICE! Whoohoo! Only for us, this year was very different from last year. First off, the event was held in a completely different state. Last year's jamboree was in Colorado Springs, Colorado in August. This year, it was moved to the [...]

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Oktoberfest at Prairiefire!

What an event! We had an absolute blast hanging out with the people of Overland Park, Kansas at the Oktoberfest celebration held at Prairiefire. We stopped at the museum here this summer and were invited back for this celebration of fall, family, and...beer! First off, we have to say that the museum here might be [...]

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TOP 5 TIPS: Better Towing Mileage

When it comes to our tour to teach about sustainable living, towing the tiny home using fossil fuels is the least sustainable thing we do. Though we don't feel great about it, it's a necessary part of the equation. So, we have done the research and asked as many people as we could to find [...]

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