Tim and Steph have some big things to announce, and no tweet, blog, or snap would do. A LIVE broadcast was the only way to tell the world all the new happenings on the Creative Animal Tour.

First, a good recap of the tour so far was in order. Our tour stops so far have included museums, businesses, schools, universities, campgrounds, wildlife refuges, and numerous parking lots. So far we have travelled hundreds of miles and met thousands of people.

From here, we want YOUR help to tell us what to do next. Since we are a nonprofit tour, we are game for public opinion. What should we film? Who should we interview? And where should we go next? We’re heading from Florida to Texas, let us know if you have any ideas for the in-betweens @ https://creativeanimal.org/tour/

Secondly, we want you to join our troop and get some swag; from stickers, to tour tee shirts, all the way up to original artwork and spending a night in the tiny house. So, we are launching an Indiegogo Campaign coming soon! Join the Troop to stay up to date on info. https://creativeanimal.org/troop/

Lastly, we have to thank our sponsors for getting us this far. Huge shout out to 84 Lumber | Tiny Living , Schlage, United Window and Door, and our newest: Integrity Ingredients Corporation. Thank you guys so much for supporting our sustainable movement!

And lastly, a big thanks to our favorite partner-in-conservation: IUCN and their #NatureForAll program. We will be working with them on spreading love for nature along the tour.

For more info on any of our partners, check out their websites:

IUCN – International Union For the Conservation of Nature : https://www.iucn.org/

#NatureForAll – http://www.natureforall.global/

84 Lumber | Tiny Living – https://84tinyliving.com/

Schlage – http://www.schlage.com/en/home.html

United Window and Door – http://www.unitedwindowmfg.com/

Integrity Ingredients Corporation – http://integrityingredientscorp.com/