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A Day at South Dakota Children’s Museum

July 10th, 2017|

The Children's Museum of South Dakota is Awesome! This museum and it's staff are incredible. Not only were they amazingly accommodating, but they are all about inspiring the next generation to learn more about the world around them (and have fun doing it.) One family's son was incredibly bummed when they showed up at the museum just to [...]

A Summer Night At Jazz On The Green

July 6th, 2017|

What began as an extremely hot and humid day in Omaha turned out to be a beautiful evening full of music, laughter, and friends. I think even the event staff was surprised at the turn out of this event. It was slow going to begin with, but by the time the sun hit the horizon, [...]

The Heart of America : July 4th – Seward, Nebraska

July 4th, 2017|

It was a beautiful day of Independence in the Fourth of July Capitol of Nebraska. White puffy clouds wafted by while we set up the house on Main Street in Seward, Nebraska, and while the number of people in got higher, so did the temperatures. By noon, the festivities were in full swing and an all-American good time [...]

Our Neighbors, the Prairie Dogs – Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Conservation and Safari Park Open House

July 3rd, 2017|

It was a great morning to wake up next to these lovable faces. We parked our house right next to their brand new habitat at the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari. A huge thank you to staff at the park, you all are awesome. We can't wait to come back!!! Did [...]

That Time We Lived in Inside The Best Zoo in the World.

July 2nd, 2017|

Okay, you might be thinking that we're being a little biased. And maybe we are. I grew up going to this zoo as a kid, and Steph got her first job out of college here... But seriously... It's the best. From the animals, to the people, to the exhibits, to the world-wide conservation projects. The. Best. In. The. [...]

The Feeling is Mutual (of Omaha)!

June 27th, 2017|

Mutual of Omaha is an insurance company that puts their money where their mouth is. But on this day, the Creative Animal Tour stopped by the home office for free, to say thank you and to give something back to the employees of this company that we love so much. Not only does this Fortune 500 company provide top notch [...]

A Tour at Morning Blend!

June 26th, 2017|

A huge thank you to the folks at The Morning Blend for hosting us at the studio! We had blast showing everyone our house:) Check out the video below to come along on the LIVE tour!

The Museum at Prairiefire

June 24th, 2017|

Holy moly! What a tour stop! The Museum at Prairiefire is one of the most visually stunning buildings we've ever seen! A huge thanks to the staff for hosting us. However, the day took an interesting turn. Guests into the house kept asking us why we weren't with the other activities, or with "all the [...]

Oceans and Worlds of Fun!

June 19th, 2017|

It's been suggested to us by a few friends lately that we need to stop working every now and then and just relax and have some fun. So, we decided to do just that. When we were planning the days leading up to our event at the Museum at Prairiefire, Steph said, "I grew up hearing about [...]

A Day at Carnegie Museum

June 3rd, 2017|

It was a beautiful day at the museum. Well, in reality, it was a little too beautiful for day in June for many people besides us to visit the museum. It was 75 degrees and sunny in Pittsburgh when we visited the Carnegie Museum Natural History and The Carnegie Museum of Art, and it was after a week or [...]

Brew at the Zoo! Maryland Zoo

May 26th, 2017|

We had such a great time meeting the staff at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore while we filmed their African penguins, that we got to chatting about how we could work together in the future. Eventually, we learned about their annual fundraiser "Brew at the Zoo!" This event featured breweries, bands, and vendors from all over - and this year [...]

Steve Irwin Gala

May 13th, 2017|

The one and only Steve Irwin inspired an entire generation to care for wildlife, and how to say, "CRIKEY!" Tour Hosts Tim and Steph were profoundly impacted by his show The Crocodile Hunter and Steve's passion for animals, years later they would both channel their own passions and pursue a career teaching about wildlife, conservation, and sustainability. Tim [...]

The African Penguins of the Maryland Zoo

May 2nd, 2017|

The African penguin might be one of the most charismatic birds on the planet. What they lack in good looks, they more than make up for in personality. Unfortunately, their population has been plummeting for decades. In addition to natural predation from sharks, whales, leopards, and even cats and dogs; they've also lost precious beach front habitat, had [...]

#MarchForScience on Earth Day in Washington D.C.

April 24th, 2017|

The first ever #MarchForScience in Washington D.C. was an enthusiastic, uplifting, and emotional experience. Steph and Tim participated in the march and took the cameras along to ask people: Why are they there? Why Science? And is there Hope? The resounding answer is yes. This was a celebration and demonstration in much more than the usual Earth Day [...]

#NatureForAll Summit at National Geographic

April 20th, 2017|

While in Washington D.C. for the #MarchForScience, we were able to attend the #NatureForAll summit. This was a meeting of organizations from all over the globe with one mission, to get more people into nature. The idea is that the more people who fall in love with nature, the more people will take positive actions to protect it. [...]

Athens Tech & University of Georgia Open House

April 17th, 2017|

It all started with a request on our website... Pete McGill is a professor at Athens Technical College, and at first, I had to let him down and say no. Our initial plan was to head from Florida straight west to Texas, but when we sent out a call to fans and [...]


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