Creative Animal’s Educational Programs

Today, it’s more critical then ever that we protect wildlife and wild spaces. Yet most people simply don’t see how they alone can make a difference.

But they can, and the Creative Animal Foundation’s Stephanie Arne and Tim Davison will show them how.

As animal experts with more than 20 years’ experience exploring the planet, they bring real-world expertise about the majesty of, and threats to, the natural world. Stephanie, the host of Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom,” and wildlife artist, Tim, use personal, captivating stories to reveal how our individual actions – big and small –can truly change the world.

And Steph and Tim aren’t just speaking these truths – they’re living them. Through 2018, they’re traveling the nation in a tiny house on wheels, building an online community of over 1 million people while creating a video journal to showcase wildlife and people who are using their creativity to make the world a better place.

Their engaging, personable multimedia presentations to schools, community gatherings, festivals and corporate events speak to audiences of all backgrounds and ages, tailored for maximum impact and messaging. People love to peek inside their 200-square-foot home, and an Open House is guaranteed to bring visitors to your business or event. You’ll get the benefit of an online community of engaged people; access to video journals showcasing stories of from natural world; and inspiration to help your audience develop into creative animals themselves.

Since the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, appearance fees are reasonable, and they even offer a number of visits to schools and non-profits for little or no cost. In keeping with a sustainable lifestyle, they’re open to providing appearances in exchange for goods or services they need on the road.

Email us today for more information or to book one of these special tax-deductible appearances. One is certain to be perfect for your corporate, retail or educational event. Or, if you have a unique experience in mind, give us a call and let’s be creative together!



Programs for schools, universities, and other educational facilities are currently available for free thanks to sponsors, donors, and grants. All booking requests will be acknowledged, but may or may not be available due to the extremely limited nature of our tour. Please let us know what you have in mind and we will try to work it into our tour schedule.

A tax deductible honorarium for travel expenses and services is always appreciated, but not expected.

– Samantha Varela

              Sustainability Major – University of Florida

“[Steph and Tim] are adamant about reducing their effect on the environment and encourage others in very down to earth ways. They make sure their home is cozy and very open so people really feel welcome and can imagine the possibilities of owning their own tiny home.”

– Brenda Herron

              Kailua Elementary

“It was amazing! The kids are still talking about it. The plastic waste stuck into my students’ heads and they’re constantly finding ways to not use plastic or at least reuse it. They make me so proud.”

– David Kleven

              Business Owner & Wildlife Educator

“They are touching hearts to reach minds. We all need to tap into our own creative animal to begin to make the world a better place.”

– Jim Parente

              Audio Engineer & Mote Marine Volunteer

“Their work is noble, beautifully inspired and needed, today especially.”

– Melody Howell

              Co-Owner Integrity Ingredients Corporation

“Steph and Tim are dedicated to make a difference in our world and to teach others that we all can do the same. We all just have to do something.”

Choose from the following options:


HOME  Presentation –

              an hour-long, multimedia presentation complete with an animal “special guest”

Wildlife educator and artist Tim Davison and Stephanie Arne, host of Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom,” share an empowering message about how we live affects the natural world. Along with beautiful visuals and fascinating statistics, Stephanie and Tim share rich personal stories of past adventures that turned them into creative conservationists living in a tiny house. These tools help change daily habits and reveal how to live a sustainable, fulfilling life. They also are available for questions, photos, or interviews for participants or media.




            a four- or eight-hour combination of a tiny house tour and discussion with Stephanie and Tim.

During the open house, students, clients, or customers tour the Creative Animal Foundation’s 200-square- foot tiny house on wheels (featured on DIY Network’s “Tiny House, Big Living” series and HGTV). Participants experience what it is truly like to downsize and live a minimalistic lifestyle. In addition, they’ll meet wildlife educator and artist Tim Davison and Stephanie Arne, host of Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom,” in an informal setting to discuss consumerism, the new American Dream, sustainable materials and products, downsizing, traveling, and why they accepted this challenge of a minimalist. NOTE: A parking space measuring at least 24′ in length, 10′ in width, and 14′ high is required, along with a 120-volt electrical outlet within 200′


DELUXE Package –

              a combination of the one-hour ‘HOME’ and a four-hour TINY HOUSE OPEN HOUSE presentation.

A great option for events, schools, universities, or any gathering that could benefit from hearing Tim and Stephanie’s inspirational and educational story that is packed with insights from years of traveling, teaching, and of course – working with animals. Then, visit the Creative Animal Tiny House On Wheels to see how they are walking their talk, and learn how you can do the same.

NOTE: A parking space measuring at least 24′ in length, 10′ in width, and 14′ high is required, along with a 120-volt electrical outlet within 200′



– A Creative Animal by Timothy Davison

              watch the magic of creativity come alive through a wildlife painting.

Accomplished wildlife artist Tim Davison creates a live, original unique painting of a special wild or zoological park animal to be donated for your special fund-raiser or auction. (No pet portraits, please.) A time-lapse video will capture the creative process and provide a back story for one of the most unique pieces of art you’ll ever own.


Presentation by Stephanie Arne –

              Choice of one-hour presentation, “In Marlin’s Footsteps: My Whirlwind Life as the Host of Wild Kingdom,” or “Why Zoos and Aquariums Matter.”

Smart, funny and full of stories, Creative Animal Tour host Stephanie Arne brings a specialized presentation sure to engage, entertain or inspire. “Wild Kingdom” fans remember eagerly awaiting Marlin Perkins’ fascinating tales from the animal world, and they love to hear what’s the same, and what’s changed, from the latest host of this popular series. (Media interviews, photos and autograph session included). Or boost the morale and provide a well-deserved pat on the back to your hard-working zoo or aquarium staff, who face criticism from extremists and the need to constantly explain to the public the critical conservation roles they play every day.

(Program limited to schools and zoos : for event, keynote, and media requests – please visit



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boo · king – verb
1. an act of reserving accommodations, travel, etc., or of buying a ticket in advance.
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