The Discovery Center of Pierre, South Dakota is a special place for Stephanie and I.

In 2013, it was one of the first places we spoke together in front of an audience when we first met. On that same trip, we came up with the original idea for the Creative Animal. Years later when planning this tour, it was a “must stop” on the list. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the director of the Center, Kristi Maher, for not only having us, but for doing such a fantastic job spreading the word.

It was a rainy start to the day in Stephanie’s home town, but  by mid-morning crowds of people started showing up to hear what we were doing and to tour our home. But as the adults came and went, groups from the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA showed up to check out the house and hear us speak about lives working with animals.

When happy hour rolled around, we rolled our house across the street to Red Rossa Bar and Grille. Thanks to the staff, we were able to speak to hundreds more, and raise a whole lot of money for the tour. A huge thank you to everyone who came out, heard our message, and an even bigger thank you to those who gave money – including the Morris Family for putting down the highest bid on the silent auction for my painting I called the “Pierre Pheasant”

“Pierre Pheasant”

Oil on Wood Panel

6″ x 12″

Custom build frame from drift wood from the Missouri River, way downstream in Omaha, Nebraska.