Did you know that keeping some of these in your back yard can help you and your family live a little bit more sustainably?

Yep! It’s true.

And they have way more to offer than most people think. We recently spoke to our new bird-loving friends over at Window to the Wild

According to co-founder, Linsey McNeny, “Chickens are definitely a species that is overlooked at being more than just food or provider of eggs.” Personally, her and her husband own a whole flock of chickens. But they also use chickens professionally, but they’re not poultry farmers… they are wildlife educators and bird trainers.

Lindsey with one of those non-chicken species she works with.

“Chickens are actually way smarter than people expect.” Lindsey said in an email interview. “We take our chickens on our school programs and kids go nuts when we bring out one of them. Each of our chickens have so much personality and are just like having a dog. They want to be your best friend and are constant entertainment. Heck we even offer chicken training course in Dallas to teach people how to train their chickens using positive reinforcement.”

And for those people who are interested in getting a bird as a pet, “…they are a great companion for the people that really want a bird as a pet, such as a Parrot, I think a chicken is the safer and less maintenance way to go.”

Here’s 5 benefits to backyard chickens –

1. Natural Pest Control – chickens eat bugs!
2. All Natural Fertilizer – Chickens poop a lot, put it in with the compost!
3. Eggs! – There’s nothing more local than eating eggs from your backyard homies.
4. Pre-compost Composters – Avoid the heap and feed leftovers to the chickens, poop composts faster than scraps.
5. Chicken love – A little bit o love to a fellow earth species is a good thing, and can affect other areas of your life. #chickensareagatewaydrug