Just a place to park. That’s all we needed. But, this time we got lucky and found a gem.

Indian Springs State Park is nestled in the hills south of Atlanta, and it’s arguably America’s first state park.

Long before the common names Niagara, Yosemite, and Yellowstone: There was Indian Springs. It was purchased from the Creek Tribe of Native Americans by the Georgia Government and made a public park some 50 years before the idea of state and national parks became part of American culture.

We needed a few days to park the Tiny Home while Steph flew to NYC. This left Tim to frame the campaign’s newest perk: an original painting of a wood duck he photographed in Homosassa, FL.

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But before picking Steph up from the airport, Tim carved out an hour to take the camera around the park. It has trails, a lake, camping, and it’s crown jewel and namesake: natural springs. These springs were used for centuries by the Creek Tribe to heal the sick. When European settlement came, it developed into a booming resort town. Today, it’s a simple, all-American park. A definite must if you find yourself in central Georgia and can make time to enjoy the crickets chirpin’ and the water gurglin’… or frame on a painting.

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