South Dakota State University is home to the Jackrabbits and a whole lot of Creative Animals.

We found that out when we pulled the house onto campus and immediately found new followers. Our very own tour host, Stephanie, once called this campus home. Since graduating, she’s been all over the world and back again and it was a great home coming (literally, haha!)

We set up the house and had an awesome turn out of students and staff, 99% of which had never seen a tiny house in person, let alone been inside of one. This is one of our favorite reasons to bring the house to the people. Most people simply wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise. Seeing a lived-in tiny home and being able to meet the two adults living this lifestyle is something unexpected and potentially life-changing. For these college students, tiny living is now a real possibility.

Some of the students we did meet were incredibly like-minded. Some were starting sustainability projects, others were planning on a future tiny home of their own. Hearing our stories solidified their resolve.

After our open house, we headed over to an auditorium and gave a presentation to students and the public. Unfortunately, we tried to switch presentation software before the presentation… and it epically failed. If you happened to attend the talk, we’re sorry you didn’t get our usual presentation. For that, we’re very sorry. On the other hand, we probably shared new and interesting stories that we normally don’t and were able to answer more questions than we usually do.

SDSU, until we meet again, we owe a big thank you to everyone who helped set us up, including Jennifer, the sustainability director on campus (You Rock!!).