At the historic Jackson Lake Lodge, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival attracted filmmakers from around the world came to show their latest and greatest projects. For them, it was a chance to network for their next project, see the latest gear in filmmaking, or to take home a trophy.

For us – it was an opportunity to meet some truly amazing people. It’s not often that we are around so many like-minded people.

Stephanie was originally invited to be a judge, but her Wild Kingdom schedule simply didn’t allow it. We arrived a couple days after it started, but we were able to take in premieres, panels, and network with some of the best in the industry. Though Steph wasn’t able to be a judge, she was able to host a panel on the history of wildlife hosting, and discuss the future of the role. She was accompanied two world reknown hosts and wildlife filmmakers, Bob Poole and Chris Morgan. All three had a great conversation that discussed how hosts of the past have literally changed how we view nature, and how different hosting styles and formats can continue that legacy into the future. When the panel was winding down, Chris invited National Geographic photographer and host, Bertie Gregory, to jump up on stage. The four can be seen in the photo below.

Then it was time for us to show off our home to the festival. Though we only had a limited number of people visit the house, we had a true impact on filmmakers and lodge staff – some of whom were fascinated by the project and others who made it a goal to build or move into a tiny home.

We were able to meet so many wonderful people, there are too many to list. But the highlight had to have been when we pulled the house into the town of Jackson for the final day of the festival that was open to the public.

Stephanie began chatting with Huw, a animatronic operator and cameraman for Spy in the Wild. He was amazingly generous enough to bring out the world famous orangutan from the show to visit our house. As soon as we set him outside the house, we had a crowd of 50 or more people. Since Huw was manning the controls of this animatronic animal, many people asked, “OMG, is that a real orangutan?!”

All in all it was a blast and we definitely look forward to coming back to the festival next time.