What began as an extremely hot and humid day in Omaha turned out to be a beautiful evening full of music, laughter, and friends.

I think even the event staff was surprised at the turn out of this event. It was slow going to begin with, but by the time the sun hit the horizon, the Turner Park was packed. This shindig was a free event sponsored by Mutual of Omaha and organized by the folks at Omaha Performing Arts. It’s part of an on-going concert series that happens every summer in Omaha. The Potash Twins rocked the stage for hours, and we enjoyed great conversations about wildlife conservation, sustainable living, policy, tiny houses, art and creativity with all walks of life as they walked in and out of our 84 Lumber | Tiny Living tiny home and took our survey on our brand new kiosks provided by Lilitab! They look awesome on the side of the house!

A special thanks to Kelly and Tony Maeser for helping us! You guys rock!!!