A huge thanks to the LA Zoo for hosting us!

Tim and Steph were able to catch up with not one, but two friends from the Honolulu Zoo!

A trip to the zoo can be a fun day for families, but for Tim and Steph today it was strange. This was their third major zoo visit with the tiny home, but the first with their new, Homo sapiens signage. Zoo guests immediately recognized the significance of having a human exibit at the zoo, but most were surprised that it was inhabited by real people. When they put it together that they were meeting, Tim and Steph, in real life – the expressions were priceless.

It’s an interesting thing to have a private residence on display in the public. It’s something that people have never seen before. So when it dawns on them that they are in someone’s actual home, conversations ensue. How long have you lived in here? What’s it like? You travel? What’s using a composting toilet like? How can I do this? Why are you doing this? It usually ends with a, “Thank you for doing this! And thank you for having us into your home!”