Because much of our creative content is influenced by early adolescent years of MTV and VH-1’s Pop-Up Video and then later years of iJustine and Casey Neistat, we take great pride in our videos and especially our video gear.

While there are a ton of amazing video possibilities with just an iPhone we are much more intrigued by what we can do with a solid DSLR, GoPro devices, underwater camera housings, and, of course, drones.

It hasn’t been altogether easy though, making the transition from a portable HandiCam to our gear now. But with these tips and tricks, it can be a lot easier for you.

Tips And Tricks For New Drone Pilots

  1. Watch out for obstacles
  2. Get a filter
  3. Learn to fly
  4. Be safe
  5. HAVE FUN!

To get more explanation regarding the above tips, be sure to click on the play button in the video up above. While you’re at the Creative Animal YouTube channel be sure to subscribe to be notified of our latest uploads.