The first ever #MarchForScience in Washington D.C. was an enthusiastic, uplifting, and emotional experience. Steph and Tim participated in the march and took the cameras along to ask people: Why are they there? Why Science? And is there Hope?

The resounding answer is yes.

This was a celebration and demonstration in much more than the usual Earth Day celebration that everyone is used to. Thousands of people marched in the streets of D.C. and participated in marches around the world.

It broadened the discussion from a day where we celebrate our planet and nature, to a conversation about the root causes of the current stagnation in policy; ignorance and avoidance of our systematic search for truth. And if we can’t agree on what is true, how can we decide what policies are best for our country and our planet?

Indeed, these people were not only standing up for what they felt was right, they were standing up for truth, and the pursuit of it. It is the best, most practical, and most direct means of discovery humans have ever came up with. Regardless of race, religion, and political stance, science directly aims to dismiss preconceived notions and personal preferences and only cares about the data and truth. Something these Americans believe our government could use more of, not less.

We asked people about their why, and what motivated them to stand in the pouring rain and march with strangers, to stand in support of science. The answers were as wide-ranging as the subjects and disciplines that science supports; but all were heartfelt and reflected their personal relationship to science.

People’s way of expressing their emotions were different as well. On the one hand there was celebrating with laughs, jokes, and amazingly crafted protest-signs, on the other hand there was frustration, anger, and disgust for a governing body that balks at something that aims to not only understand life, but literally aims to save the lives of people, plants, and animals the world over.

Regardless of any negativity or frustration, Tim and Steph love to ask people if they have hope. They overwhelming response from people, was yes. At the Creative Animal Foundation, our aim is to make the world better through creativity. When we ask ourselves what we are creating, we want it to always be positive. Hopefully, this video will not only give you a sense of what the march was like, but it will also give you a little hope.

Thank you to all those who agreed to be on camera for our short interviews. If you happen to see yourself in the video, please let us know and we’ll send you out a Creative Animal thank you:)