This is the first event that the Creative Animal Tour has officially been to TWICE! Whoohoo!

Only for us, this year was very different from last year.

First off, the event was held in a completely different state. Last year’s jamboree was in Colorado Springs, Colorado in August. This year, it was moved to the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the Arlington Convention Center, which is tucked in between Six Flags Over Texas and the stadiums where the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers play.

For us, it was different in a different way. Last year we were on the other end of the jam, we were filming with HGTV and DIY Network as people who were ABOUT to move into a tiny home. This year, we were one of the few people who actually lived in one. Since the last jam, we have been living full time in our tiny home for 14 months, traveled 8,000 miles, and given speeches and open houses all over the country. But this event was a big debut for our Creative Animal Gear!

Our brand new bamboo utensils sets and our awesome tour baseball tees were a hit! We sold out of bamboo kits, but you can order them in our shop here: GO TO THE SHOP

Shannon used her amazing saleswoman skills and helped us sell out of these sets, Thanks Shannon!
This couple was awesome! They bought our last two sets of Creative Animal Bamboo Utensil kits!

This year there were all sorts of vendors and speakers, from tiny home builders, t.v. personalities, and a range of products to help build tiny and live tiny. For us, it was insanely busy trying to keep up with our never ending line of people who wanted to see inside of our home. Luckily, we had two amazingly awesome volunteers come to help us out. Meet lovely Troop Members, Laurie Holloway and Shannon College. Thanks you two!!