While in Washington D.C. for the #MarchForScience, we were able to attend the #NatureForAll summit.

This was a meeting of organizations from all over the globe with one mission, to get more people into nature. The idea is that the more people who fall in love with nature, the more people will take positive actions to protect it.

This mission is so in line with that of the Creative Animal Foundation that we will be producing content for them in the future.

To see some more, check out our projects page.

You can also check out our fun video about the summit, here:

The #NatureForAll Movement was created by the IUCN, or the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. If you remember, we visited them this last fall in Honolulu during their World Conservation Congress. It is a great honor for us to be a part of such a great organization that does so much good. Please check them out to see how you can help by visiting #NatureForAll or learn more about the IUCN here.