It’s been suggested to us by a few friends lately that we need to stop working every now and then and just relax and have some fun.

So, we decided to do just that.

When we were planning the days leading up to our event at the Museum at Prairiefire, Steph said, “I grew up hearing about Ocean’s and World’s of Fun… But I’ve never been there.”

It was crazy-convenient when we looked for place to park the house and found out that they have a campground right on their property. The next thing we knew, we were looking at roller coasters out our living room windows. Luckily, the pricing was pretty great compared to other campgrounds in the area, plus they give discounts to park tickets. Overall, it was a clean, family-friendly place to stay, and they had stellar wifi service.

The parks were a blast of course… Just watch out if you shower when you come back to your house or RV for dinner, their re-entry wrist stamps wash off faster than a hungry-hungry hippo grabs a marble meant to be hippo food.