It’s official, we have launched!

This last week we had out official launch party in conjunction with the world premiere of our Tiny House, Big Living episode on the DIY Network. We couldn’t be happier with our opportunity to hold the event at the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada, Florida.

Before the big party, Stephanie and Tim had a little bit of time to tour the museum and see the epic history of man’s under-water exploration. From early breathe-hold divers to what look like ultra-modern space suits; this interactive museum spans thousands of years of history and puts you in the dive helmet. Whether you are an dive-master or someone who has never been in the water, this museum has something for everyone.

For a brief look at what you can find inside, watch Steph and Tim’s adventure in the museum and see them christen the Creative Animal Tiny Home… boat style!

After walking through the museum, the friends new and old started pouring into the parking lot where our beautiful Tiny-House-On-Wheels built by 84 Lumber | Tiny Living was set up for a (tiny) Open House. When people weren’t poking around the house and seeing what it’s like to go tiny, the guests enjoyed upscale hor d’oeuvres from Ziggy and Mad Dog’s Restaurant and beer from The Florida Keys Brewing Company, both of which were amazing.

All told, well over 200 people were able to attend the event and tour the Tiny-Home, but before the main event, everyone was able to do a champagne toast while Stephanie (attempted…second try was a charm, haha!) to christen the house boat style.

Everyone then sat down inside the museum and enjoyed the world premiere of the team’s Tiny House, Big Living episode on the DIY Network. During the commercial breaks, Steph and Tim were able to answer questions the audience had about filming the show, how they got into working with wildlife, and how they make their interesting lifestyle work. In the words of Tim,

“It was a blast to finally watch the episode, it’s been months in the making. It was weird to see our home on TV though, it has changed so much since we filmed with them, but it’s exciting that we can finally do what we have been planning for so long and not have the burden of secrecy anymore. Oh and, thank goodness they cut (almost) all of my dorky comments out of the final show, haha!”

For more information, check out their websites!

And to check out the Tiny Home and our episode of Tiny House, Big Living