What an event!

We had an absolute blast hanging out with the people of Overland Park, Kansas at the Oktoberfest celebration held at Prairiefire.

We stopped at the museum here this summer and were invited back for this celebration of fall, family, and…beer!

First off, we have to say that the museum here might be one of the most beautiful buildings we have ever seen, so if you are ever in the Kansas City area, it’s worth stopping by!

We had a steady stream of people all day long, and by the end, Steph and I were pooped. But we did get to know the community of KC and we it is definitely growing on us. Unlike some other cities we have been to so far on our journey, the people of Kansas City seem to really love living there and they take a lot of pride in their community.

Our work is cut out for us in relating this concept to the greater whole, in helping people remember to realize that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. That we are animals, and we are truly a part of a great web of life and if we don’t stop and take account of our collective actions we are in for catastrophe.

But, if this creative animal is an example of this next generation, we are all good.