Ever wonder how much electricity you use? Nah, most people don’t. Tim and Steph had the opportunity to plug their Tiny Home into a brand new power meter and find out exactly how much electricity they use in a week.

Living in a tiny house generally means that you use less resources, but little things added up for the Creative Animal team. LED lighting, low-e windows, good insulation, energy star appliances, on-demand water heating, to opening windows instead of using A/C, just to name a few.

As they show in the video, it’s not like you have to necessarily change your lifestyle to have a smaller carbon footprint. A more energy efficient home can make a HUGE impact on electricity consumption. Considering the average American uses 30kWh of electricity per day, and electricity production accounts for 30% of America’s carbon footprint (followed by transportation 26%, industry 21%, commercial & residential 12%, and agriculture 9%) using less electricity can make a big impact on our carbon footprint as a nation, and as global citizens.

In the video, Tim and Steph lived life as usual to get a baseline for how much they use on a regular basis in the Tiny Home. Be on the lookout in future videos when they put their conservation tactics to the test in the home and share tips and tricks on how they do it.

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