The Children’s Museum of South Dakota is Awesome!

This museum and it’s staff are incredible. Not only were they amazingly accommodating, but they are all about inspiring the next generation to learn more about the world around them (and have fun doing it.) One family’s son was incredibly bummed when they showed up at the museum just to check out a house, haha!

But, people came from all over to see us and the Tiny Home. Some drove for over an hour just to see us! Talk about awesome fans!

This even was unique in the fact that there were more DIY tiny home builders than ever before. Three builders (at various stages of their builds) showed up to see how we did things and to ask us a smorgasbord of questions. This line of questioning is leading to a new video series that we will be throwing up on the youtube channel soon of common questions that we get.

If it’s anything we learned, the mid-west is hungry for the tiny home movement – but it’s lacking in a push for legislation to allow them. For those of you out there who are interested in learning how other communities making tiny living a reality – check out our friend’s Christian and Alexis over at Tiny House Expedition.

The folks over at KSFY also stopped by to have a chat and check out the house. Check out their segment!