The 84 Lumber: Tiny Living tiny house on wheels we are soon to call home is coming along quickly and better than we could expect.

We started planning our life on the road a few years ago so as the tour becomes more real we found ourselves touring and examining more RVs and more tiny houses than ever before. We looked them over from trailer frame to roof rafters always asking ourselves a litany of questions, most importantly, “does it feel like home?” It is obvious then why today is a banner day. We were able to step into our tiny house on wheels; our home while on the Creative Animal Tour!

When we rounded the corner of the parking lot and the house came into view, Stephanie literally squealed with realized anticipation and overt excitement. We both muttered some version of:  “Wow! We didn’t expect it to be this far along!” We had no idea that the exterior of the house would be almost complete in such a short amount of time. The crew at 84 Lumber: Tiny Living had been working feverishly, and the expert workmanship was truly evident. Perhaps though, the most striking exterior feature was the 100+ year old salvaged wood owned by 84 Lumber  owner and founder, Joe Hardy, and now the exterior of our home. We were blown away by the beauty and sophistication of the material. It was like nothing we had seen before and the 84 Lumber team confessed that they had found (and ended up using) five different species of wood on the bar.  

The reclaimed wood they used for exterior siding really blew us away when we first saw it. The guys told us that they found at least 5 different species of wood in different places on the barn. Of course, it was a tremendous amount of work for the 84 team. They had to pull rusty, old nails, take the wood to the mill, plane it and prepare it for 100 more years of use. The effort was well worth it though and we were stunned at first sight!

The aged wood gives the house character and makes it feel cozy and lived in. There are even still hints of red, green, and white paint from when the barn was painted and re-painted over time. Because of this the THOW has a historical charm as well, really giving the house a sense of history and stateliness. Of course at the time of our visit the interior was just framework. There was no real appearance yet. But we were assured that wasn’t far off.

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