Nestled into a beautiful hillside in Hollywood is UCLA.

As you could imagine, it was a little unnerving to pull the tiny home through Los Angeles in early morning traffic. Especially when it rains in a city that only sees water fall from the sky a few times a year.  But once we rolled onto the campus, our day immediately began to get better.

The rain didn’t keep students and staff from touring the tiny home.

We had an impressive turnout despite the weather.

We were also able to show students our new signage. We designed this sign point at our reason behind this house and the tour. Homo sapiens are the most creative animal on the planet. In order for us to live sustainably on this planet in the future, we need to drastically alter our behavior – our individual homes included. The sign was inspired by our visits to zoos across the country. A few people along the way commented that we are the “Human” exhibit. From that point of view, we were able to duplicate a common species sign.