Introducing the newest member of the Creative Animal Tour Troop, Ray.
She is a 10~12 week old mix breed puppy we rescued last week in Fort Worth, Texas, outside of Ray’s Champion Spring & Motor Service.
A long story long: We took the tiny house to a shop to get our suspension worked on last week. While we were outside speaking to the owner in the middle of an industrial neighborhood (with no houses, sidewalks, or people anywhere in sight) a man shows up out of nowhere with a puppy. He saw the house and said, “Creative Animal, you guys take animals? Can you give this puppy a good home?”
Through broken English, he introduced himself as a Mexican cowboy from Durango. He said that his girlfriend’s dog tried to kill the puppy, so he was trying to find someone to take her. We said we could, with the intention that we would make sure she was healthy and then take her to a shelter or find her a family. But when we took her to a vet for a check up with vaccines, then a pet store for food and a leash, and then to an emergency room vet later that night (urinary tract infection); we discovered just how awesome her personality is.
After many long discussions, and an in-depth pros vs. cons list – we decided that we would keep her. We have wanted a dog for years, but the timing has never been right. As everyone knows, we like to move a lot and it never seemed fair to intentionally bring a dog into our hectic lifestyle… just yet. We always settled with the idea that we would get a dog once we stayed in one place for a while. We were planning on doing just that when the tour was over, it just turned out that fate sent us a dog a little early.
After a week, it seems like Ray is adapting to our lifestyle better than we could have imagined. She was extremely well behaved during our open house this week, and people were almost as excited to see her as they were to hear us speak and see our tiny home. And thank goodness she is quiet and calm while riding in the truck. Walking on a leash took some work, but she’s getting the hang of it. And, she is starting to figure out the whole potty-training thing (with an accident here and there of course).
Now if only we can stop the chewing on EVERYTHING…