After the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival we took a day to visit Yellowstone

Though our schedule is tight, every now and then we get a chance to take a day for ourselves. Today was one of those days.

Though she has been all over the world and is more traveled than the vast majority, Stephanie had never been to Yellowstone National Park.

We set out long before dawn and headed from Grand Teton National Park and headed into the world famous Yellowstone. As the sun was coming up we got our first taste of the wilderness. Standing just off the road was a wolf, and though I had worked with several wolves over the years and even raised one, this was a first for both Stephanie and I.

The wolf wasn’t scared by the truck and slowly crossed the road in front of us and then trotted along side of us for a hundred yards before reaching a small pond. We both got out to see him or her and snap a quick photo and video.

After our initial encounter, we made a bee line for Old Faithful to see the most famous geyser on the planet. It was a cool and crisp morning and the steam was billowing up into the sky, before we knew it, it was spewing boiling water into the air. Though everyone comes to see the geysers, mud pots and springs are my favorite geologic features. We continued on to see both, but we found some bison and had to make a pit stop to do some art.

We eventually made it around the park and were able to see much more wildlife, including a half hour with a very friendly raven.

Ahhhh… A good day, made especially great by returning to our comfy tiny home just a short drive away.